In January 22nd, 1973, Tomek Kawiak son of Tomek Kawiak father and sculptor is born.

In June 30th, 1991, I take my literary high school diploma and speak about 6 languages.

In September 08th, 1992 I join the graduate school of decorative arts of Paris, the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres.

I shall spend 5 years there to draw, to sculpture, to realize plans and to torture the metal.

I shall go out of it in July, 1997 with poaches plastics technician's diploma of the architectural environment as well as diploma of art professions specialization metal.

In September 10th, 1997, I integrate on national competition prestigious school of industrial design of Paris, the ENSCI workshops.

I design projects for various brands and institutions there such as Salomon or the RATP (Paris transport public system) among others.

In June, 1999 I leave to the other end of the globe for Santiago of Chile.

I shall stay there near one year as designer to the Muséo Interactivo Mirador, the MIM, at that time the biggest and more expensive construction site of Latin America.

I shall meet talented "maestros" there as well as that of my future wife Cynthia.

In January first, 2000, I celebrate the millenium in Cuba by sipping a "Cuba Libré".

During year 2001 I work for the agency Baillon design, we realize projects for the Palace of the Discovery of Paris.

I write at the same time my report crumpled up in full writing by the event of September 11th of the same year.

In July, 2002, I obtain my designer's diploma with distinction "for the interest of the research", I have just managed during 6 months a laboratory of experiments on bio-materials post pure petrochemistry.

From 2003 till 2004 I am an art director for the City of Sciences and Industry of Paris, La Villette.

I design interactive manipulations for the children and the big children.

In 2005 I puts me in my account, I design mix arragements of restaurants, projects in association with the other architects, with the interior design, with the piloting of construction sites, with commercial design as well as with the produced design of which the "Barbapapa's" house for the brand Plastoy.

In October, 2011 I join the Opening Hours agency with my younger sister whom I love very much.

My work joins in a research for the toughtlessness.

Economy of means of production which appears in the shape.

Sources of inspiration are situated in the contemporary and traditional production.

The planet is my ground.

Little in the style of an archaeologist not to the History but in search of the habits and customs of our time, I investigate the situations in their margins, I try to steal in the chinks of what exists.

The result of this approach is an unlimited curiosity because these "chinks" of the existing realities deploy in a fractale way.